My wife Melody and I have found that our experience with illness, health care, and seeking wellness, has significantly shaped much of our lives.

For me, surviving childhood mumps, chickenpox, and a ruptured ear infection that left me with hearing affects to this day were just the beginning. By age 13, I began suffering from digestive troubles that I later learned were Crohns disease, which plagued me for decades. After many fruitless medical procedures and drugs that imposed life­disruptive side effects, I finally found a natural cure with no side effects. Then eight years ago, while playing commando paintball in the woods of western Wisconsin, I was bitten by an embedded deer tick and contracted Lyme disease. My doctor told me I was lucky I had sought early care and that I would be cured after one round of antibiotics. But over the next 5 years, I developed a cascade of seemingly unrelated symptoms all across my body and started my search anew for a cure and healing. The new combination of antibiotics that I was prescribed disrupted my digestion so severely that I lost nearly 25 pounds which I could not afford to lose, and I contracted Candida overgrowth, which brought crippling brain fog and fatigue.

For Melody, hospital deliveries of our first three children, including a difficult forceps delivery with an episiotomy for our first child, left her with lasting effects and the awareness that the medical system was not created to care about her as an individual person. Her growing interest in nutrition and natural pathways to wellness led us to research and choose homebirth for our fourth and fifth children, attended by lay midwives, and supplemented with a wide range of nutritional and herbal support.

We were starting a brave new journey of daring to trust the wisdom of the designer of our bodies and nature, taking personal responsibility for our own health and well­being, and opting out of so­called “conventional care” with its often toxic drugs, and unsafe invasive procedures.

We embraced homeschooling of our five children all the way through high school, and after attending an educational seminar taught by a registered nurse about the true history of major diseases vs. modern immunizations, we became conscientious objectors to most of the ever­increasing litany of childhood immunizations that the system proposed to inject our children with.

To our mutual surprise and dismay in the years following my supposedly cure Lyme disease, my wife Melody also started to exhibit brain fog, fatigue, severe muscle aches, and sleeplessness. We learned that I had actually transmitted Lyme disease to her, which we had been unaware was even a risk. Once again, we found ourselves on our own, researching and exploring paths towards safe, natural healing, which synergistically augment our bodies’ own natural immune systems.

Our mutual journeys seeking health and wellbeing led us to start thisHealingYourself.Life channel as a way of sharing our stories, and bringing forth the knowledgeable perspectives of experts and others. Our mission is to enable increased awareness for the many individuals, who like us, have been misled, discouraged, and frankly treated poorly by a medical system more intent on protecting itself and growing than in the real well­being of ordinary people.Thank you for being here! It is proving to be an amazing and awesome journey, and we are all learning together!

DISCLAIMER: This channel is for educational and supports purposes only. The opinions expressed by the guests are not necessarily those of HealingYourself.Life. We do not give individualized medical advice or direction. You are advised to seek your own health care givers for personal treatment plans, and to make your own informed decisions