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Breaking Through Medical Denial to Treat Lyme (Part 1) | Dr Ernie Murakami

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One brave doctor’s story of what it takes to overcome profound disadvantages to start a medical career and make a difference by healing patients, only to be stonewalled and persecuted by the establishment medical system bent on denying the reality of chronic Lyme disease.

Breakthrough Lyme disease expert and cannabidiol (CBD) researcher Dr. Ernie Murakami is a Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus at UBC Medical Center, with degrees in Bacteriology and Immunology from UBC Medical Center. Dr. Murakami visits HealingYourself.Life to answer your viewer questions!

Part 1: Are Lyme-Literate MDs Losing Their Licenses?

Part 2: The Silent Epidemic: Lyme is Coming to Where You Live!

Part 3: Is CBD a Safe and Effective Cure for Lyme and Cancer?

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Phone: (604) 869-9922

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