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Fire or Ice? Growing Food Despite Climate Change | Joel Salatin

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With contradicting and controversial theories swirling about whether we are heading into dangerous global warming or a new ice age (caused by a grand solar minimum,) it’s hard to know which way the world is headed.

Despite the confusion, we can’t deny that extremes of weather do impact food production in the US and worldwide. From floods to droughts, from hurricanes to tornadoes, from wind storms to blizzards, your garden and homestead (and your family’s survival food supply) may be in the cross-hairs of extreme weather.

What’s a person to do, to be as prepared and resilient as possible to “weather” such unpredictable environmental conditions? Renowned permaculture and sustainable small-scale farming expert Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms returns to offer us a heaping helping of his sage and witty wisdom. Salatin lays out practical, low-cost, and proven tips for preparing to succeed despite the twists and turns of nature.

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